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Hot Pepper Seeds- Hot Pepper Hybrid Seed Varieties


Very hot, early (55-60 days maturity) and extremely prolific! Small chili, with erect fruiting habit. Highly pungent fruits, 5-5.5 cm long and 0.8 cm in diameter, 3-4 gram in weight. The plant has a perfect uniformity and prolific fruit setting. Suitable for fresh market as green or red color alike. Also good for dehydration. Tolerant to Phytophtora, TMV, Bacterial wilt.


Medium late maturity for outdoor cultivation. Plants are semi erect, tall and vigorous. Fruits are large, 13 cm long and 1.8-2.0 cm in diameter, weighing about 15-16 gram each. Fruits are glossy, light green to deep red color at full maturity, pungent, suitable both for fresh consumption or dried. High overall tolerance to diseases with high yields, resistant to Phytophtora and Bacterial wilt.

HOT PEPPER - Red Indian

Chili type (Capsicum Annuum). The plant is vigorous and 50 to 60 cm high. Long slim wrinkled fruits, dark green to bright red color. Fruit is 12 - 15 cm long and 2 cm in diameter. Concentrated fruiting habit. Nursery: 15 - 20 days. Maturity : 70 - 75 days from transplanting. High tolerance to Bacterial Wilt and Anthracnose.

HOT PEPPER - F1 Fire Pencil

A late maturity variety providing pendent fruits of 12 to 13 cm long and 0,8 cm large with a weight of 5 to 6 grams per fruit. The flesh is thin and hot. Can be used for fresh market and for drying.


Plants are erect. Pendent fruits, moderately concentrated. Fruits are 3 to 5 cm long, 0.8 cm diameter and are dark-red colour. Very pungent taste. Harvest: 50 to 60 days from transplanting. Use: fresh market or dried fruits.

HOT PEPPER - F1 Red Heat

A very strong plant vigor and high yields. Cultivated all the year round. Avoid extreme cold seasons. High resistance to Phythophtora capsici. Fresh fruit size with thick flesh is 12-13 cm in length, 1.8 cm in width and 17-19 gram weight per fruit. Nursery: 18- 25 days. Maturity 43-45 days after transplant. Transplant at 10 leaves stage, spacing 55-65 cm. Density: 24.000 - 26.000 plant per ha. Harvest: 35-40 days after pollinating (90 days after sowing time) and during 3-4 months.


Early maturity and excellent quality of fruits. Very well adapted to tropical and subtropical areas. Pungent fruits are 12-14 cm long, 2 - 2.2 cm in diameter and weight around 13 - 15 gram per fruit. Fruits maintain glossy appearance and excellent quality even after drying. Tolerant to Phytophtora, Anthracnose and TMV.


HOT PEPPER - F1 Britney

A very high yielding variety with strong vigor, suitable for tropical cultivation and summer cropping in temperate areas. Bird type chili with small, upright, and very hot fruits. Produces fruits in cluster, easy to pick. Fruits are 4 to 6 cm long and 0.8 to 1 cm in diameter, with pointed ends. Plant size and habit : erect compact plant and concentratred fruiting habit. Use: suitable for dried fruits and powder. Maturity : 70-75 days after transplanting (beginning of harvest). Harvest lasts 2-3 months. Sowing density: 30 cm on the row and 70 cm between the rows. High resistance to Bacterial Wilt and Anthracnose.


Very high yields and high pungency! Strong growth habit. Many slim, long-shaped fruits. Each fruit measures 12.5 cm in length, 0.6-0.7 cm in width and weight is 5-6 gram. Maturity: 70-75 days after transplanting. Suitable for fresh and dry markets. Tolerant to Anthracnose, PVY 1-2, Phytophtora, Bacterial wilt.

HOT PEPPER - F1 Super Duper

Early maturing and semi-upright growing hybrid with dark green leaves and short internodes. Fruits are 14-15 gram in weight, 12-14 cm long and 1.5-1.7 cm in diameter. Long and smooth-skinned fruits are good for fresh market and for drying. Maturity : 45-50 days after transplanting. Dark green, highly pungent fruits turn bright red when mature. Tolerant to Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). 


Bird type chili. Upright growing habit, moderately concentrated. Fruits are 3-5 cm long, 0.8 cm in diameter and are light green to bright red color. Very pungent taste. Harvest: 50 to 60 days from transplanting. Well suited for either fresh market or dried fruits.

HOT PEPPER - F1 Armaan

Hot Chili type. Vigorous plant with very high yields. Fresh fruits are 13-14 cm long, 1.8 cm in diameter and weight 17-19 gram. Thick flesh. Maturity: 50 days after transplanting. High resistance to Phythophtora capsici. Tolerant to Anthracnose.

HOT PEPPER - F1 Sunlove

A new Chili variety, extremely pungent in taste. Diameter: 1.8 - 2 cm and 9-10 cm in length. Fruits have thick flesh and turn gradually from light green to yellow until dark orange color at full maturity. Fruits weight about 12-13 gram each. Maturity : 55-60 days after transplanting. Strong growth and tolerant to Anthracnose and Phytophtora.

HOT PEPPER - Hungarian yellow wax

A common large yellow Chili of 15-16 cm in length x 3 cm in diameter. Uniform growth and high yields.


A mild taste Caribbean chili, globe shape, turning bright red at full maturity. 5-5.5 cm in diameter.

HOT PEPPER - F1 Yeeldz

A new F1 hybrid yellow orange chili, 14-15 cm long x 2.5 cm in diameter, weighing 16-18 gram. Extremely prolific and pungent taste. Maturity : 60 days after transplanting, supplies an abundant and continuous harvest over a long period of time. Suitable wherever Hungarian Yellow Wax chili is planted. Yields 50% higher than an HYW, and it sshows high tolerance to Heat, Bacterial wilt, Anthracnose, TMV, CMV, PM.

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