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Eggplant Seeds - Eggplant Hybrid Seed Varieties - (Solanum melongena)

EGGPLANT - F1 Green Long

This variety is a cylindrical, shiny green eggplant variety with vigorous and abundant growth. Fruits are very uniform in size and shape and show a very good shelf life. Fruit shape is long (about 25-27 cm) and straight, with weight around 200-220 gram. Very high yield potential. Maturity is 40-45 days after transplanting (early maturity). The first harvest will occur around 3 weeks days after initial flowering. Average yield is 7-8 fruits per plant.

EGGPLANT - F1 Purple

A very high yielding variety, strong vigor and suitable for warm and tropical cultivation. The fruits are slender long, slightly tapered, with bright black-purple color. Early maturity. Fruit weight 250-350 gram. The plant is strong and vigorous (80 - 100 cm tall upright). Extended and regular harvesting. Harvest starts 65-70 days after transplant and lasts 3 to 5 weeks. Recommended planting distance : 0.6 - 0.9 m on the row and 1.6 - 2 m between rows. High tolerance to Heat, Bacterial wilt, Anthracnose, TMV, CMV, V, PM.


EGGPLANT - F1 Elonga

Elongated purple fruits, with uniform color. Fruits are 22 cm long, with average weight of around 210 gram per fruit. Very high yields (9-10 fruits per plant). Maturity :48 days from transplanting. Asian type. Tolerant to Heat, Bacterial wilt, Anthracnose, TMV, CMV, V, PM.

EGGPLANT - F1 Purple Long

Purple fruits, elongated shape (25 cm long, average weight of around 210 gram per fruit). Asian type. Excellent yield. 50 days maturity from transplant. Tolerant to Anthracnose, TMV, CMV.

EGGPLANT - F1 Purple base

Light purple, long shape variety, with high yields. Maturity : 50 days after transplanting. 20-22 cm long, 200 gram per fruit. Tolerant to anthracnose, TMV, CMV.

EGGPLANT - F1 Dilshad

Light green color, long straight shape of 22 cm in length, with waxy green skin. Early maturity (about 45-50 days after transplanting) and high yields (7-8 fruits per plant). Asian variety. Tolerant to Heat, Anthracnose, TMV, CMV.

EGGPLANT - F1 Purple Beauty

Suitable for growing in different soil and climatic conditions, showing an excellent behavior under tropical conditions and high temperatures. High yielding eggplant variety with long (22 cm), bright black-purple color fruits that weight around 250 gram each. Plants are very strong and vigorous (100-120 cm tall) with an extended and uniform harvest. Can be harvested within 70 days from transplant, during 3 to 5 weeks of continuous cropping. It shows strong tolerance to Heat, Bacterial wilt, Anthracnose, TMV, CMV.

EGGPLANT - F1 Green Ball

Round, green and white fruits, with very light green striped shoulders fruits are around 4-5 cm in diameter each. Maturity : 45 days after transplanting. The plants are strong and well-adapted to various growing conditions and will continue yielding fruits over a long period. Asian variety, very popular as starters in asian cuisine.

EGGPLANT - F1 Tough guy

A deep purple variety, with dark green collar. Elongated fruits of 20 cm, with weight of 200 gram. Maturity : 45-50 days after transplanting. Suitable to grow in very different growing conditions. Asian type. Tolerant to Heat, Bacterial wilt, Anthracnose, TMV, CMV, V, PM. 

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